SMR Cuenca Biography - Dolf Drabbels - Tenor

Dolf Drabbels

Tenor Dolf Drabbels studied solo singing at the ArtEZ Coservatory in Arnhem under Harry van Berne. After his graduation he continued his studies at the Messiaen Academy for his Master ensemble singing.

He followed masterclasses with Roberta Alexander, Beryl Foster and David Wilson- Johnson.Nowadays Dolf Drabbels is coached by Hanneke deWit.Dolf Drabbel has performed solo’s in several masses and concerts.Amongst others the in the Requiem ofW.A. Mozart, Johannes and Matthäus Passion of J.S. Bach. The ninth symphony of Beethoven and the MariaVespers of Monteverdi.Next to it he sung many solo’s in cantatas of J.S. Bach and several other works of Haydn and Schubert.

As soloist Dolf Drabbels has worked with conductors Klaas Stok, Etienne Siebens and JanWillem deVriend.On his repertoire there is also opera and music theatre. As ensemble singer Dolf Drabbels works with choirs as Cappella Amsterdam, the Nederlands Kamerkoor, the Nederlandse Bachvereniging, Consensus Vocalis, Collegium Ad Mosam and Laurens Collegium Rotterdam

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