SMR Cuenca Venues - Catedral


The most important monumental building in Cuenca was begun at the end of the XII century but its nucleus began to take shape in the XIII. Taken as a whole the Cathedral of Cuenca is the result of a complicated series of architectural styles: the original style is norman gothic which can still be seen in the primitive arches and especially in the exceptional triforium.

The central part of the cathedral houses the magnificent wooden choir and in front of it is the neoclassical altar designed by Ventura Rodríguez using the "Transparent" technique which allows the silver chest containing the remains of Saint Julian to be seen. An outstanding feature of the building is the large and valuble collection of railings which close off the majority of the chapels which also house a fine collection of paintings.The Arch of Jamete, the former entrance to the cloister, is one of the crowning works of the spanish Renaissance.

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